Among the industries that has taken the hardest attack from the pandemic may be the hospitality market.  But a Kansas person is helping carry spirits in a unique way. More over, the great Samaritan regional tequila businessman Bryce Lob is telling those in the market they are maybe not alone.

‘Tequila Fairy’ Good Samaritan helping those in the struggling hospitality market

They call Bryce Lob the “ tequila fairy.” Moreover, he is the owner of the local tequila company Una Vida. When many customers of his community were abruptly out of work, Lob published to social media marketing that he’d offer a jar of tequila to anybody in the hospitality market having a tough time.

KTEN reports that to soften the hit, Lob , manager of an area tequila company, is making a special doorstep delivery. One of many. From an easy social media marketing article to doorsteps all across the Midwest. This really is Una Vida’s means of being there for individuals who have missing their careers in the hospitality industry.

‘Tequila Fairy’ has delivered to 2,000 hospitality workers

Lob estimated just 50 people would contact him. However, he has been delivering to 1,500 to 2,000 market workers. More over, Lob claims it started off easy: anybody out of work would reach out and he’d drop off a jar of tequila on their front patio with a little “thank you” note. Moreover,  he has given to cooks, hosts, bartenders, managers, homeowners, and more.

Most importantly, Lob claims he and his company spouse product their company around genuine relationships with his community. One hospitality worker said, “It’s maybe not about free stuff, it’s understanding we’re not by ourselves in the unknown.” Moreover, the hospitality is ready to say cheers to the tequila fairy.

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