As the current pandemic caused schools to shut down, one sixth grade class in Cincinnati thought their yearly gelato project was not going to happen. However, thanks to a local business owner made sure that it wasn’t going to be canceled.

Students doing good selling their gelato to the public

The sixth grade class project was to come up with a new flavor of gelato. The sixth grade class always looked forward to the project. It’s always the topic of conversation on the first day of class.

Patch reports that when the doors closed at schools across the state Bisher and local business owner Matt Madison knew they couldn’t let that stop them. “Stephanie called me that day and said okay, we’re not coming back. “We got to figure out a way to salvage this thing, what are you up for? I’m like the show must go on!” Madison said.

The project stayed alive, be it from home. Students surveyed the community on what flavor should be created, and then got to creating and marketing the product. These are steps that companies do and they get to do this on a real scale.

For 7 years Madisono’s has partnered with the 6th grade class Kilgour Elementary School to create a gelato flavor. Part…

Posted by Madisono's Gelato on Saturday, May 23, 2020

Good news students get to experience what it takes for a business to develop, market and sell a product

“They get to see from start to finish what it takes for a small business to develop a product and market it and sell it,” Bisher said. Madison then helps make the product at his business Madisono’s Gelato. It’s his seventh year doing the project. He wanted to make sure this class still got the chance.

The pandemic kept the kids from enjoying their school year. This is one thing that teachers and others new they couldn’t miss out on this too. The kids came up with their flavor Chocorona and began to sell pints of it. The sixth-grade teachers were happy that the students stuck it out and made this happen.

Everybody wanted this project to happen and everyone were on board to keep this project a live. The project gave the students a taste of real life.  These kids showed up for zoom conferences and even turned in the required work. Their ice cream quickly became a hit and are doing another round of sales later in the summer. The funds go toward funding a playground project.

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