Doing what’s right. This phrase indicates what Procter & Gamble has focused on since it’s inception. For over 180 years this company has challenged the norm and inspired the future. Worldwide, P&G has made a great impact through the products they produce.

Procter & Gamble does good for customers worldwide

The Greater Good Is In The Details

Procter & Gamble’s product offerings are identifiable by most households. If I were to look in the cupboards and closets of my home, I’m sure there would be at least a handful of products made by P&G. From fabric care, to baby care, to grooming and hair care, there are currently 63 product offerings from P&G. All of these products are top of the line and commonly used around the globe.

We as humans have certain needs when it comes to staying clean. One unique focus Procter & Gamble has is combining “what’s needed” with “what’s possible”. I can tell you that everyone on earth has different needs. This is where “what’s possible” comes into play. P&G has not limited themselves to providing only what is needed, they imagine what could be possible.

Community Impact

P&G is all about doing the right thing. Being “A Force for Good and A Force for Growth” is the hope of the company. I’m telling you, these folks really like to do good! One example of their community impact is the Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program. Nearly a billion people struggle to gain access to clean drinking water. Providing clean drinking water through P&G Purifier of Water packets, a family can have enough drinking water for a day.

As one would expect from this company, they set a goal of delivering 15 billion liters of water by 2020. I am amazed and excited to say they blew that goal out of the water (I know, bad play on words there). The goal was met one year earlier than planned. Now the bar has been set higher to deliver 25 billion liters by 2025. P&G is certainly a company that does good, seems there’s no stopping them either.

Delivering in Times of Need

Natural disasters happen around the world almost all of the time. We have all seen the devastation a hurricane, tornado or flood can do in just a short time. It’s during these disasters that opportunities come available for helping those impacted. P&G is no stranger to stepping up and helping in these situations.

Tide Loads of Hope is a mobile laundry unit that travels to the heart of these devastated areas providing a means to clean clothes. Last year the program was deployed six times and cleaned more than 6,000 loads of laundry. Wow!! That’s a lot of laundry.

Doing Even More Good

This is kind of random, but I love babies. Procter & Gamble obviously loves them too. Pampers Preemie diapers is a product line of P&G that is dedicated to the happy, healthy development of babies. Some of the tiniest babies have inspired them to make diapers specifically for the preemies. In Hong Kong, more than 200,000 preemie diapers have been donated by the company. They also partnered with five hospitals in Taiwan to donate more than 70,000 diapers to support preemies and their families. Seems to me they have set the bar pretty high!

Habitat for Humanity International is P&G’s largest participation program worldwide. Their employees get to put their skills to work for the benefit of families needing housing. P&G employees contributed thousands of volunteer hours in 2018-19 alone. Their volunteerism benefited nearly 2,500 people.

Great Example for Companies to Follow

Procter & Gamble’s impact certainly doesn’t stop here. Their passion and drive pushes them to do good for people all around the world. Sometimes it can be easy to see what needs to be done for others. However, it takes a special group of people to think ‘outside of the box’ and make a significant difference in the lives of people. P&G is definitely a special company that has it together in the area of doing good.

I am of the opinion that doing good for those that you don’t know is probably the most rewarding way to do good. Think back to a time when someone did good for you without you knowing who they are. Made you feel pretty good didn’t it? Companies such as Procter & Gamble and countless others are in a unique position to do good for the people they touch on a daily basis. Is there enough good in the world? I would say no, but man the opportunities are endless. Do good…it’s in you!!

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