The health crisis has pushed the world towards uncertainty. Almost all sections of society are facing the impact both in terms of health and finance.

The regulatory lockdown has forced millions of people to either working from home or furloughed and managing childcare along with additional homeschooling burden. This is the time when companies should come forward and keep doing good work of supporting financially and emotionally.

Expect Less and Give More to Help Employees Cope with Stress

Support to Survive

Extraordinary circumstances require out-of-box thinking to help employees and keep businesses running, with an eye on long term gains. It is not just about implementing employee assistant programs (EAP) actively, but positively engaging them to help them fight stress and remain productive.

Visualizing the challenges of remote working All of Honest Paws is providing a stipend to help employees set up a home office. Emphasizing the benefits of remote working CEO Erik Rivera told Zenefits that the crisis will shift the perception of work-from-home.

“You’re able to access talent wherever,” Rivera added.

The difference in work condition affects productivity, so a Cambridge based personalized nutrition company InsideTracker is helping employees set up an ergonomically suitable workspace. Senior VP, Iris Sokol is personally helping employees to correct workstations ergonomically.

Stress Busting  

Many people are complaining about stress buildup, sleeplessness, and body pain. Sokol organizes 15 minute breaks via video conference to help employees decompress.

Another problem most of the work from home people are facing is personal time management. The financial uncertainty along with boredom makes the situation worse. Proofpoint Marketing, Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency, is providing a personal day off to help employees do something for themselves.

“This is in addition to any time off they have planned or need to take,” Gabriella Israel, co-founder of the company told Zenefits.

There is no end of ideas if you are willing to do good to anyone who needs support and care. Coming up with unique ways to relieve stress during this strange time has proven to be good for business. Just because it’s not business as usual doesn’t mean it can’t be business doing good. There are so many opportunities to do good for others. All you have to do it open up your mind (or your eyes) and do it!

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