New Zealand has begun the recovery phase of the coronavirus and Kiwis have been given the okay to return to work. Some local workers were concerned about the state of business. Jenny Beck is a local attorney who wants to help her local community. She runs a law office in Dunedin.

Good Samaritan Attorney Gives Returning Employees $1,000 to spend while supporting local businesses

The coronavirus seriously impacted the tourism industry in New Zealand. Jenny knew she had to do something. Instead of the suspected pay cuts or pink slips, Otago Daily News reports that she gave all 14 employees $1,000 in cash. However, she told them the rules about the cash. She told them it was all about paying it forward. The employees could only spend the cash on local businesses. Jenny told them to take a weekend vacation, pay for lodging, have dinner at local restaurants, visit tourist destinations. These all can help get the local economy going again.

Employees planning on supporting local businesses while exploring their community

‘‘I also thought it would be fun, in that my staff would be able to report back on their breaks, and give everyone a boost.’’ The office really got into the spirit, and began planning trips to a National Park, their favorite restaurants, and kayak rental places. ‘‘I’m really pleased that they’ve picked it up and run with it,” said Jenny. “It’s given a real boost to team morale.’’

One employee, Ashleigh Mitchell said she was going to book a bach and eat at local food establishments. She has lots to do in Abel Tasman National Park. She can go kayaking, explore the park. Ashleigh said she feels good supporting New Zealand’s local businesses, which have been struggling for months.

This small business owner thought of a creative way to do good for her employees and community businesses. Boosting morale for her employees is good for her business, but also for those businesses they supported. If you know of other stories like this one, share them with us in our comments section. We love to hear of people doing good!

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