The opportunity to do acts of kindness is available even in trying times. Alauni Carter, a mother of three kids is also stuck at home like others. That did not dampen her spirit to help others. The Carter family says their “Christmas in Quarantine” project has taken off.

 Wilton Family Helping Others With ‘Christmas In Quarantine’ Project

Wilton Family Helping Others With ‘Christmas In Quarantine’ Project

Acts of Kindness Anytime

Talking to, Carter revealed how ‘Christmas in Quarantine’ became a thing, and much more significant than Alauni expected. She said, “I wanted my kids to know even when we’re not able to go out, there are always ways to help give and serve others. “.
The social media post which Carter wrote garnered immense support from other families. An East Sacramento moms group joined the endeavor, and soon her garage and heart were overflowing with gratitude.

Carter said, “We have iPads, new scooters, bikes, clothes, toys, art supplies,”

Terri Kohnke, the local Head Start teacher, identified the Families in need. All the donations will go to these families.

Others Follow the Carter Endeavour

Kohnke said All the families that I work with have a financial need, they’re the lowest of the low on income and they can’t afford to go get things to keep their children occupied,”

Kids stuck at home with medical conditions, families with multiple kids, and lost wages, the list is unending.

Kohnke added “When we entered this pandemic the resources they normally would get at school that I could hook them up with, they shut down,”

The present troubled times are taking a toll emotionally, and Alauni hopes the deliveries next week will lessen anxiety for families and bring them happiness.

Alauni and her family are so glad they took on this task.

She said “When you are feeling low and down the best way to get out of that and being frustrated is being able to help someone else,”

Alauni and her family’s activities have also motivated others to follow suit. The effort drew ‘The Elk Grove Little League’, and it is donating their snacks to be included with deliveries next week.


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