Ask any top-notch CEO about the success mantra and one unanimous answer would be the strength of employees. At times when companies, whether big or small, are struggling to keep the bottom-line green, some companies are doing good by supporting employees through thick and thin. The global soft drink maker, PepsiCo, is setting an example for other companies by continuing to pay employees even if the frontline workers aren’t working.


Care to Share

Despite declining demand in lockdown, PepsiCo is doing everything possible to keep the morale of employees high. Currently, the company is paying $100 extra every week to employees working in manufacturing units, transporting, and delivering goods.

The company’s human resource chief, Patrick McLaughlin said that employees are the backbone of the company.

If any employee needs to be quarantined the company is providing a full 14 days salary. Post quarantine the company will pay 2/3 of their salary for 10 weeks. That’s not all, the company has the policy to support even those who couldn’t work from home and had to look after kids.

Highlighting the change, McLaughlin told media, “It’s a change in how we’ve done things historically.”

He added that the company is highly flexible, wherever it is possible.

People First

It is manpower that makes any company great. So all great companies are doing good by supporting the workforce in these troubling times. Emphasizing the need for care and support Lorna Friedman, a senior partner at Mercer told SHRM that ‘people first’ is the mantra. It is most important to lead the workforce.

“People will remember the goodwill and reputational value of trying to do the right thing,” Lorna added.

The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions conducted a survey. Over 75 percent of companies are offering paid leave to frontline workers in need of support.

It’s great to see companies taking care of their employees during this time of crisis. What has happened to these people is of no fault of their own. For a company like PepsiCo to pay employees even when they can’t work, that’s awesome! PepsiCo is definitely a do good company.

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