As if the ongoing health crisis wasn’t enough to disrupt human life, the social crisis of anti-racism protest is making things worse for common citizens.

Amidst chaos everywhere, there are signs of hope as Samaritans like Lester McCalmon, the captain of Swansea Bay Golf Club. He is mobilizing resources to help feed those who cannot afford to buy two meals a day. He is inspiring several others from the community to come forward to participate, contribute and do good.

Swansea Golf Club Raising Funds to Feed Community People
Swansea Golf Club Raising Funds to Feed Community People

Spreading Joy of Giving

Lester is organizing a campaign to encourage community members to contribute a small amount of money so that he could feed local fellow community members who need support in times of crisis. It all began when he saw the Salvation Army asking people to support in managing urgent supplies, according to The Golf Business report.

His appeal to golf club members resulted in a collection of $350 in just three hours. The portal reported adding that the fund collection crossed the $8000 mark. Since he is a junior organizer of the club, he encouraged the club proprietor and members to contribute.

“I have also worked alongside another food banks,” Lester told the portal. He also ran his own campaign asking the Neath-Port Talbot community to donate small amounts so that two community groups could be helped.

Chain Reaction of Doing Good

Inspired by his passion and commitment to help people in need, several community members joined hands to make it a do-good movement.

“The response from the general public has been not far off phenomenal,” the portal quoted him saying. He highlighted the support from local supermarkets and food companies. He added that the club has donated 2,600 packets of microwaveable rice.

The food bank appeal made it possible for him to hire 20 volunteers to manage food procurement and distribution. The golf community members are setting a great example for others to do good. Not just in times of crisis but as part of life. God has given us all something unique to share, identify your resource, and start sharing it. Do good…it’s in you!

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