The chaos that ensued following the tragic death of George Floyd, led to chaos in the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Riots took place and looters broke into several neighborhood stores.

Minneapolis community steps up in support of local food drive to feed kids who have no access to grocery stores.

Good Samaritans at Minneapolis school helping provide students that are stuck without access to food

This caused problems for students and their families that lived in the area and were stuck without access to food. Sanford Middle School Principal told KARE 11 that this area has become a food desert for local families. “Many don’t own a vehicle to drive elsewhere.” During this time, public transit and school food services were shut down across the city. These closures affected a majority of those who are eligible for free or reduced lunches. Nelson knew something had to be done.

Minneapolis residents turned out to donate to food to the local schools

Nelson and her staff immediately got to work and contacted friends and others in the community. They wanted them to bring groceries to the school’s parking lot. Nelson was asking for cereal, bread, fruit, diapers, detergent and other essential items. They would then distribute these items to those in need. Moreover, news of the food drive spread like wildfire on social media, with hundreds offering to give food and other items.

People began showing up dropping off deliveries. Some arrived in U-haul trucks, while others came carrying groceries in hand. By the end of the day, the school grounds were covered in bags of groceries. Nelson told the news that more than 500 families were able to stock their pantries.

Surely this is just one story of serving a hurting community, share with us any stories you know like this! We here at Do Good University love to hear of people doing good for others.


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