Imagine the joy of those 25 students from Atlanta when the Harvard University Diversity Project coach,Brandon Fleming, personally knocked on their door to inform them about their selection. Harvard University organizes a highly-competitive 36-week program to help black students prepare for elite colleges.

The health crisis also made it impossible to conduct the selection process. Everything had to be organized online for the 2021 session. Brandon decided to make it equally grand, just like normal years when selections are announced with fanfare. He decided to drive 21 hours for three days to inform each student personally.

The Strength of Diversity

Amidst the social unrest post-George Floyd’s brutal killing, it was a great act of kindness and sensitivity of Fleming. He met black students personally and share the good news.

Brandon drove for 21 hours for three days to approach each student individually and celebrate the grand achievement. It was a surprise since students had no idea about his arrival and the good news.

Brandon connected with each student via a Zoom call to inform them that he was in their neighborhood.

Spreading Joy

Expressing satisfaction over his effort he told Good Morning America. “They weren’t happy because they won a million dollars.”

“I also wanted their experiences to be magical moments they never forget.”

The program is all about worshiping diversity and making everyone feel equal by preparing them to be equal participants. Brandon’s act of sharing joy is truly a masterpiece, especially in the current scenario.

The diversity program, which he started in 2017, aims to select, train, and matriculate high school students of color. The acceptance rate is below 1 percent. This kind of gesture is very important to spread the core idea of the program. Education is the strongest liberator and equalizer.

Brandon Fleming is doing good for these students. Going the extra ‘mile’ to deliver the news is something these students will never forget.

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