The current health crisis across the country has forced schools and libraries to shut down. Since it’s important for children to read and learn, a good samaritan librarian has found a unique way for them to keep reading. Her idea is using drones to deliver books.

Drone service started off delivering meals

Montgomery County School District Librarian Kelly Passek is familiar with using drones. The delivery system is developed by Google and used to deliver meals and household goods. Kelly quickly put it together and saw how this technology could help children.“I think kids are going to be just thrilled to learn that they receive a library book by drone,” Kelly told the Washington Post.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was the first to really open up the world to the idea of drone delivery system. He demonstrated a prototype during a 2013  60 Minutes interview. Moreover, some companies have started using drones, including Dominos.

Drone service has been delivering packages in Virginia since 2019

Google made history becoming the first to receive an Air operator’s certificate from the FAA to allow it to operate as an airline in the U.S. Moreover, in 2019, they started delivering packages up to three pounds in Virginia. They have also started making deliveries in Helskink, Finland and two cities in Australia.

Keith Heyede is the head of Virginia operations for Wing. Moreover, he feels a connection to this good deed as his mother is a librarian as well. Wing will begin delivering books to students in Montgomery County who live within the Christiansburg.

Kelly is hoping that this unique drone service will get kids excited about reading. “I’m hoping that we get our students that are already readers and students who are thinking it’s going to be really excellent to get books delivered by drone,” she said to NWA Online. Moreover, reading is an important thing for everyone. It helps us learn each and every day. How many people can say they had their books delivered to them by a drone.

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