As the country continues to deal with “social distancing,” a startup has found ways to keep those dealing with food insecurity being fed. Thanks to Optimus Ride a trio of autonomous cars will be delivering meals to families in Washington D.C.

Good Samaritan Optimus Ride delivering food to those in need

Optimus Ride is developing autonomous vehicles for urban transportation. Three of these vehicles will provide contactless grocery delivery to low-income households in Southeast D.C.

Real estate firm Brookfield Properties is backing this program. They are expecting to deliver 5,000 meals a week. Moreover, these meals will contain read-made meals and ingredients that cover three meals a day for seven days at a time. Venture Beat reports that the meals are being sent at-risk residents determined by nonprofit Pathways to Housing. Van Ness Elementary School will also receive these meals.

Optimus Ride turned their focus torward delivering medications and essential items

While Optimus Ride will have to disinfect each vehicle between each use, they believe their project will decrease the risk of COVID-19. Optimus Ride’s main focus was providing transportation services to residents of The Yards neighborhood. The sudden outbreak put that plan on hold. Until the outbreak subsides, they will continue to use their vehicles to deliver essential goods.

While the pandemic hit the country, the began developing a pilot for self-driving delivery of medications. The company wanted to identify the right opportunities to operate during off-peak hours. They ended up receiving a positive response from the senior community.

Its good to see a company like Optimus Ride use their service to help those in need within their community. Once this pandemic has ended their good deed will not be forgotten by those who have benefited from their delivery service.

Does your community have anything similar to what Optimus Ride is providing? Share your thoughts and stories in the comment section below.


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