The recent racial injustice protests has really torn apart communities across the country. One high school student in Buffalo, New York is working to do his part in cleaning up after the protests. He started his clean up at 2 AM and kept going for 10 hours straight.

Good Samaritan receives college scholarship for cleaning up his community

Word spread of him doing good for his community. Moreover, the Buffalo community was surprised to hear of Antonio Gwynn Jr., doing this work by himself. He was not looking for a reward, he just wanted to make sure people could get to work the next morning. Gwynn was surprised by the damage left behind and knew he had to clean it up.

According to WKBW-TV, an organized cleanup crew responded to the mess and discovered that the student had cleaned up most of the damage. Moreover, fellow resident Matt Block heard about Gwynn’s actions and knew he had to do something for him.

Good Samaritan received a free Mustang convertible

Matt decided to part ways with his red Mustang convertible and gave it to Antonio. Moreover, nobody realized how much this car meant to Antonio. Antonio’s mother drove a similar red Mustang and passed away in 2018. Antonio was surprised by the coincidence. After that an insurance agent has agreed to cover the cost of his insurance for a full year.

Antonio was expected to start trade school in the fall, while saving money for college. After hearing about his good actions, Madaille College is giving him a full scholarship. Moreover, when he heard the news he started to cry, along with his great aunt and cousin.

Antonio is no stranger to giving back to the community. He has worked on many community projects both with his church and with Kappa Phi. He appreciates the gifts he received, but just wants to make his late mother proud.

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