Protests have become a common occurrence these days in our nation. The unfortunate incident of George Floyd’s death seared the nation’s conscience. However, the damage caused by protests is regrettable. The damage caused by protests in his hometown distressed a high school senior from Buffalo.

Instead of complaining, he started cleaning it up—starting at 2:00 AM and continuing for ten straight hours. Now, his community is generously rewarding him for his good deed.

Antonio Gwynn Jr. did not think that his actions would make him a celebrity.  The only thing which was going on in his mind was the trouble people would face when they commute to their workplace. Most news channels prominently featured the damage caused by the protests. He decided to get out there and help on the spur of the moment.

A Celebrity

When the cleanup crew arrived at Bailey Avenue early in the morning, they found Antonio did most of the work.

Antonio’s act spread fast, with a news report airing on WKBW-TV. Matt Block saw the story about Antonio’s exploits.  He decided to give his 2004 Mustang convertible that he had previously been reluctant to part with to Antonio.

Late Mother drove a similar Car

More drama was to follow! Anthony’s mother, who passed away in 2018, also drove a red Mustang. Antonio told CNN this fact and “didn’t have any words.”

A local agent has promised to cover the cost of Antonio’s insurance for a year. And wait, the story is not over. Antonio is being offered a full scholarship to Medaille College. Antonio became dewy-eyed when he heard the news. His great aunt and cousin started crying, too.

Helping others and doing good is something that Antonio has been doing for a long time. He is involved in many community projects at church and with Kappa Phi. He hopes he made his late mother proud.

This is a great example of someone just getting it done. Anthony was not asked to clean up the mess, he just did it. The recognition for his good deed is great, but I’m sure he wasn’t expecting that at all. He was just trying to do something good-and he certainly did!


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