This pandemic has left many seniors stuck and in need. One man has found a way to help him. An out of work New Jersey frame shop owner has been taking over 500 trips to the grocery store. He’s shopping for seniors staying at home to avoid exposure to the coronavirus.

Good Samaritan Greg Dailey is making deliveries to seniors in need.

Good Samaritan turns the delivery job into his primary source of income

Greg Dailey is used to making deliveries. Moreover, he has spent 25 years delivering newspapers at 4 AM. While he only saw it as a second job, it has turned into his main source of work, while also becoming an easy way of being generous.

The good Samaritan got the idea after an 88-year old woman asked him to throw the newspaper closer to his door. He obliged, and the next day he was standing in line at the grocery store for some seniors.

“If she can’t walk 20 feet to get her newspaper, how is she getting groceries?'” Greg told CNN. “So, I called her and asked if she needed anything.” Tremendously grateful for his request, she asked him to pick up one small order for her and one for her neighbor across the street.

Greg working to establish a Love a Senior chapter in New Jersey

Moreover, Greg thought about the other seniors that needed help. So, he decided to offer his services to those along his paper route. The need ended up being enormous. It got so big that Greg’s wife, three kids, and mother-in-law had to help and make shopping trips of their own. He’s hoping he can open his frame shop this month.

But he will still do what he can to help those seniors. Moreover, he is now working with a Florida-based charity Love a Senior, hoping to start a New Jersey chapter and get others involved.

Greg is one of those people that doesn’t let things get him down. In fact, he took a situation that could have been depressing and turned it into something good. By helping his elderly neighbors during this time of difficulty, Greg is doing good for others. His heart for others should be an inspiration to us all. Inspiration to get out there and do more good!

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