A San Francisco company is working at recycling waste, while also providing work to ex-convicts. Those ex-cons end up becoming partners in building a more sustainable planet. Brightmark’s main focus has been developing a plastics recycling program. They also have a strong focus on creating natural gas from food and agricultural waste.

Good Samaritan: Brightmark giving ex-convicts jobs while helping the environment

Brightmark’s main mission is to provide jobs to those who have been release from jail and prison. Felons have a hard time finding work, once they are released from jail. This leads them down a path back to jail. This is why Brightmark and RecycleForce mission is critical and the results speak for themselves. Only a quarter of those who participate end up back in jail, compared to the standard 60-75% nationwide.

One felon who became a warehouse manager said RecycleForce gave him a choice, which the streets do not. That choice saved my life and that is why he’s with RecycleForce.


Reforming plastic waste

Not everyone understands that 91% of plastic waste ends up in a landfill every year. Part of that statistic is because most of it is comprised of plastics mixed together. Sorting it all is very time consuming and difficult, sometimes even impossible.

RecycleForce has stepped up aiding Brightmark to turn their plastics into diesel and other wax products. It is definitely the epicenter of plastics partnership with RecycleForce. According to KPC News, “Over the past two years, Brightmark has over tripled how big its staff, garnered $150 million in equity investments in its projects, and acquired proprietary technology and make a circular economy for post-use plastics.”

Moreover, now it’s purchasing one of society’s most overlooked resources—her people.  Do you know of a business that is doing something similar. Share your comments and stories in the comment section below.

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