Remember the catch phrase, “milk, it does the body good!”? Of course this was primarily used for advertisement purposes, but milk really is good…and good for you. USDA recommends two to three servings of dairy products daily. I have no doubt that I meet those recommendations most days, however, there are some that regrettably don’t get their dairy needs met.

These Farmers Are A Dedicated Group

Since 1938 Prairie Farms has been producing great milk and milk based products. Over 800 Midwest farm families make up this group of dedicated producers. Think about it, if you were to pay attention I would bet you see something with Prairie Farms on it every day. From the milk you drink or use for cereal in the morning. Don’t forget the delivery trucks taking milk to stores and schools.

Well, you may not see those trucks unless you are an early bird. Remember what I said about being dedicated? Dairy farmers and many involved in the industry are at work long before most of us even think of waking up. I mean, cows don’t just produce milk when we want it. They produce milk daily and Prairie Farms focuses on delivering their milk within 48 hours to preserve freshness.

Focusing On The Community

Thinking of businesses that have the well being of the communities they serve at the forefront, I can come up with a long list. Prairie Farms is certainly among one of the top performers in this area. Starting with the farm families that supply the dairy products, Prairie Farms genuinely cares about the health, safety, success and profitability of each one.

Focusing on the consumer is of utmost importance to Prairie Farms. It is important that the products produced by the company suit the needs of every consumer. We are not all the same and some have unique dietary needs. Prairie Farms recognizes those needs and supplies products to fit any and all of them.

Finding And Fulfilling Needs Of The Community

According to Feeding America, in 2018 14.3 million American households were food insecure. In 2020, more than 54 million people may experience food insecurity due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Think we take our food supply for granted?

Prairie Farms knows this problem exists, in fact, they have been helping to alleviate this shortfall for years. How do they do this? Through community outreach programs they have created or teamed up with. Unfortunately the hunger needs of the community are always growing, especially in troubling times such as now.

The company has a large geographical reach, with locations in 16 states in the mid-west part of the US. With that large of an area, how big of an impact do you think they have on those in need of food? I don’t believe they focus on how large their impact is, just that they are making a difference.

Delivering Food – Delivering Love

Food is obviously what drives Prairie Farms’ business. Milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and cream cheese. These are some of the foods produced and sold by the company. Of course profit has to be their main focus to keep the business running. However, this business has a mission and focus that goes beyond profit.

A simple but creative way to give back developed by the company is their “Our caps, Your cause” program. This is a simple but effective way to get money into the hands of charities, of your charity. All that is required is to collect milk caps with points and turn them in for cash. Then select your desired charity and donate to their cause. Simply put, you buy their milk, they give you money to donate to a charity. How cool is that!!

Another example of this is their ‘food box’ distribution program. All across the mid-west in communities Prairie Farms has set up a ‘food box’ program in which anyone can come to a pick-up point and get a box of free food. Yes, I said free food. These boxes have several dairy items included for these families to take and feed their families.

Go Check Them Out

As I said before, this is just one example of good that Prairie Farms does to help out those less fortunate. The need for help in the food insecurity area continues to grow, and Prairie Farms will be right there ready and willing to help, no doubt. I urge you to go to their website: along with following them on social media to see all of the good things happening with Prairie Farms.

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