Wisdom comes only with innocence, but the first thing modern life takes away is innocence. When a 73-year-old pastor from Florida saw his birthday wish of driving an ice cream truck around to bring smiles to his community coming true, one could feel the power of innocence in making the world a better place for all.

Spreading Joy, Unconditionally

Being simple is the toughest task in modern socio-economic conditions. Whatever you do, even your good deeds, your intention is always under the shadow of suspicion. Pastor Bill Losasso is the founder of the Florida Dream Center. He wanted to help people in hopeless situations. Bill got to drive an ice cream truck on his 73rd birthday. He also did at the age of 17, spreading joy and bringing smiles.

To his surprise, his daughter managed to rent a truck for him as a birthday gift. So that he could relive the moment to share ice cream treats with kids and adults.

“I got to relive my dream,” FOX 13 quoted Losasso as saying.

“It was really a cool birthday present, and I got to share it with all my friends here,” he said further.

Sounds simple, but the innocence spreads like wildfire to trigger a strong emotional reaction of brotherhood and compassion. This is what exactly echoed in the voice of Rashon. Quoted by FOX affiliate, “Times is hard right now, and the little bit they do goes a long way for us.”

Tasty Treat of Love

Imagine the joy of those who hadn’t had seen an ice cream truck recently. Then one 73-year-old pastor comes with the truck to share ice cream for free. In the eye of God, bringing a smile on the faces of others is a great blessing. Innocence changes the way you observe things, and you start doing good in the hope of making a little difference in the lives of those who need some support.

His organization, which mainly works to help homeless people and combat human trafficking, currently gives away 25,000 pounds of food every weekend, according to the FOX report.

It is not about being different, but how differently you see and act to make people happy.

Highlighting the impact of the simple act of the pastor, Melvin Hillman, who drives the “Krazy Ice Cream” truck, told the FOX, “It’s beautiful, it’s great, it’s a blessing.”

Thanking God for making it possible for him to relive his childhood, he told the news affiliate that if we have more people like him in the world, it will definitely be a better world.

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