Deep in the dark of night, there is the hope of early morning. You are going through difficult times and finding it challenging to manage ends. In those moments when somebody unknown knocks on your door, drops a gift and leaves. You open it, and a smile lights up your face.

Several women of Powhatan are doing a good act of spreading joy when we all are struggling with health, social, economic challenges, all at the same time. God rewards those who help others, so the owner of the Facebook Page, Jessica Wilkes, won the NBC 12 Act of Kindness reward for sprinkling a little fairy dust.

Small Act of Kindness with Big Impact

Jessica, who recently moved to Powhatan, started a Facebook page titled “Powhatan Sisterhood of Travelling Spirits and Gifts.” To spread joy through the act of kindness, NBC 12 reported.

Amidst doom and gloom, this page soon became popular amongst optimistic people. It started making a big impact through the small spirit of doing good.

On joining the group, the member puts their address in the database and start the process of spreading joy. The group loves to say it’s an act of “fairy dusting”.

“We’re considered fairies, so we go dusting. You go, leave the little present on the porch, knock on the door, and then drive off.” NBC 12 quoted a member Kimberly Jackson saying.

She shared her own experience of getting dusted. When she came home, she found a gift waiting for me on my porch.

Normally, gift consists of gum, facials, lotions, notepads, fans, or drinks. She told the portal.

Gift and Beyond

She highlighted the pain and anguish prevailing these days. Wilkes told the portal that “Fairy Dusting” is a lot more than just giving and receiving gifts. It is comfort in a time of need.

A smile when you don’t feel like smiling and joy that comes with knowing you’re loved makes a considerable difference in the way you see and interact with the world.

“A small act of kindness can lift somebody’s spirits, and you never know what somebody is going through,” Wilkes was quoted as saying.

Giving of yourself in uncertain times shows character and heart. Thinking of others first is what God wants us to do. Putting others first is the root of doing good. Do good – it’s in you!

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