The impact of the global health crisis is now visible across all sectors. One of the least talked about is the agriculture and allied sectors. Since the priority of the government is to save lives first, agronomy is feeling neglected.

Thankfully there are some, like Hannaford Supermarkets, who are mobilizing funds to support the agrarian-community so that they could overcome the crisis. Hannaford Supermarkets is donating $250,000 to help the community.

Support the Root

Despite all challenges, the farming community is working actively to make sure that there is no shortage of food across the country. Appreciating the effort, Hannaford Supermarket came forward to help 250 farms. They were across Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, according to the Blue Book Services report.

All these 250 farms will receive grants under the American Farmland Trust’s Farmer Relief Fund, the report noted. Currently, the demand is at an all-time low due to lock-down guidelines. The idea is to help those small local framers who are struggling amidst market disruption.

Hannaford Supermarkets President Mike Vail emphasized the 137 years long relationship with the farming community. He said that this donation is an extension of the company’s commitment to the farmers and producers.

“We hope this donation will support farmers during this difficult time. And will also enable them to continue providing high-quality, fresh food to our communities for years to come.” the report quoted Vail as saying.

Help to Stay Afloat

The ongoing health crisis has disrupted the current business models across all industries. Modern industries are quick enough to change according to the developing situation. But, when it comes to farming, it takes time to adopt any new business model.

Keeping the challenges farming community is facing, the American Farmland Trust’s Farmer Relief Fund launched in March. So far over 1,000 local farms have received grants to modify the business models.

“American Farmland Trust is grateful for Hannaford’s support of the Farmer Relief Fund,” director Ryan Lauer said. Highlighting challenges farmers are facing he said that a total of 250 farms receive funding across Maine. They are receiving funds in New York, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Helping the farm community to survive during this time is a great example of doing good. Farmers work hard to provide food and goods for the world. If their businesses don’t survive, well, it’s not good for us. Farmers are good, people are good. Let’s all work together to make a better world.

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