Kindness always begets kindness. The kindness showed towards an officer of the law recently brought out the best in some teens. The last few days have seen a deep and growing anger towards police highhandedness. So when a group of teens paid for the lunch of a Lee County Deputy, he became emotional and dewy-eyed.

For Lee County Deputy Manuel Stone, it was just like any other day. After a hard day, at lunchtime, three young ladies approached him with a piece of folded paper.

They asked him to open it after they had left. After finishing his lunch, he opened the paper and found the following message-“We have paid for your meal. Thank you for your service to our community.”

Moving Gesture

Stone was so moved by their gesture, and even today, when he was recounting the incident, his eyes become dewy.  Deputy Stone kept the note as a keepsake.  What moved the police officer most was the act of kindness from the younger generation, a generation often at odds with authority.

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones shared with, “It means so much, more than anyone will ever know. It’s fascinating how a simple piece of paper transformed into what our peace officers consider a priceless document when the words of a youngster applied in support of us,”

Valuable Contribution

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones further added that he and his deputies receive thanks every day. Stone said that Deputy Jones is an excellent police officer. He always puts other’s service above himself and will go at lengths to fulfill it.  The community is also very supportive. It is also a testament to police officers’ invaluable contribution to keeping peace and sanity in the city.

The men and women that choose to serve our communities deserve our respect and praise. This small gesture is just one way to give back to our police. It’s great to see that our younger generation can step up and show their appreciation. These three girls are do gooders for sure. Have a similar story to share? You can leave them in our comments section below. Okay now, get out there and put more good into the world. Do Good, it’s in you!


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