During normal days what we wished for most was the free time to spend with family and friends. But when the health crisis forced us to remain indoors, the isolation and separation made people feel lonely.

The human spirit is all about finding the best possible path to happiness. Women in North Alabama are doing exactly the same by sharing a gift of joy box with each other in the ding-dong ditch style.

Redefining Togetherness of New Normal

Handling any crisis at the individual level is tough, but when several like-minded people come together to share pain and joy, it becomes easier to fight challenges. Wine Fairies of North Alabama are ‘dusting’ women across the community to spread joy through the act of kindness.

“The reason why we started this group during this pandemic was to get women out of their comfort zone. You know everyone was stuck in their house,” WHNT News 19 quoted the founder of the group Heather White as saying.

The core idea is to spread love, kindness, and compassion through gift kits. A fairy from the group creates and drops on the doors of those who share their address on the group page.

Home Delivering Happiness

The federal stay-home guidelines for social-distancing have made it difficult for the community to mingle. The idea of delivering gift-basket at home is helping in strengthening the bond of togetherness, especially when everyone is fighting a lonely battle.

“You can personalize the basket or just make random baskets that have nothing to do with their interests, but just something sweet to give to them,” the portal quoted White saying.

The private group, comprising women 21 and older, has been doing good since May. It also aims to continue to redefine it as a new normal. The women only group is helping women stay connected to each other. In the process they help each other share and spread the spirit of togetherness.

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