Recently a lady was eating her lunch at Taco Bell. She had sat down at a table to eat near the front of the restaurant. You ask, “why does that matter”? Well, I would say it doesn’t really, but it certainly put her in a great spot for what comes next.

Boys, Boys, Boys

Not long after she began eating three young boys came stumbling through the door (boys will be boys). She laughed to herself as they came in with loud voices, smiles, and a hunger for some tacos. They all quickly sat down at a table together. She quickly noticed that only one of them had ordered any food. I hate to say but the other two just sat there glaring at the menu with hope in their eyes. It had become obvious that those two didn’t have money to get any food.

As time went on they started chatting about school, girls, and a multitude of other subjects. I’m sure the chatter was a bit disturbing to other patrons in the dining area. What happened next will absolutely amaze you. Get ready to smile!

Y’all want a slushie?

Randomly, a man that had been sitting in the corner of the restaurant observing the boys stood up and walked over to their table. Standing over the table at 6’5″, the boys shrank back in their chairs a bit. What came out of the man’s mouth is pretty cool.

He asked them if they would like a slushie. He said, “come on up here, let’s get you guys something.” That’s definitely not what I would have expected he’d say. Within a few seconds the three boys jumped up and rushed to the counter to order. Not only did the man, who is a truck driver, buy them slushies, he also bought them some food.

Thank you, sir. Thank you very much!

Pretty quickly the man asked the cashier if he could pay as he needed to get back on the road. His card swiped, a goodbye given, and this good hearted man was out the door. He didn’t want any recognition for the good deed, however, he did get it. The lady had witnessed the whole thing and gave the trucker a ‘job well done’ nod as he walked out. And the boys, they hurriedly turned and yelled “thank you” as he slipped out the door.

Wow! What a cool story of doing good. I feel this could be a great challenge for all of us, a challenge we must accept. Step up and do something kind and unexpected. I promise it will make a difference in someone’s life.

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