Sorenson Multi-Cultural Center erected new solar panels on its roof to produce clean energy. The campus is empty due to the pandemic. The power generated by new solar panels was far more than the requirement. Rocky Mountain Power’s electrical grid used the surplus energy. Christopher Thomas, Salt Lake City’s senior energy and climate program manager, gave this information to ‘The Salt Lake Tribune.’

Surplus Energy Utilized

Installation of the solar panels was a part of the Sorenson campus’s renovation project. It aims to create an eco-friendly and sustainable environment. The 360 panels together generate energy to sustain 34% of the campus requirements for one year. It will be equal to the energy produced by burning 129,000 pounds of coal but with an added advantage. It will be clean energy.

Mayor Erin Mendenhall said to Salt Lake Tribune, “We are thrilled to unveil this impressive solar array at Salt Lake City’s flagship community center serving our Glendale and Poplar Grove residents. We’re committed to bringing the benefits of clean energy to all areas of our city.”

Eco-Friendly Mayor

The city was lucky to have a Mayor who is also sensitive to climate change issues. The first year of his tenure saw him aggressively pushing for solar energy. He also started a drive to plant 1000 trees on the west side of the city.

Funding for the program was never an issue. Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Department gave $200,000 toward the Sorenson project. Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program, funded 41% of the program. The program encourages consumers to seek sustainable energy sources.

Bill Comeau, Rocky Mountain Power’s vice president for customer solutions, added, “Organizations like the Sorenson Center play a crucial role in our communities. We are grateful to our Blue Sky customers for making renewable projects like these possible.”

Salt Lake City has also put into place a broader action plan known as ‘Climate Positive 2040’. The installation of the solar panels is a part of this plan.

Caring for the environment is one great way to do good. It’s doing good for the planet and people. If you know of other ways companies or people are doing good for the environment, share with us in our comments section. Maybe we will write a story about that too!!


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