Despite the current situation across the globe, the world is seeing the return of wildlife. Some have been believed to be facing extinction. Recently, New Zealand has stepped up its effort to prevent the extinction of its beloved and amazing species. They are seeing great results.

New Zealand is working hard to bring back the Kaki from near extinction.

Good Samaritans in New Zealand fighting to save beloved Kaki bird

Their latest fight involved the world’s rarest wading bird, and now the bird has turned a corner.  After a lengthy 40-year effort to protect their beloved Kaki it is now paying off, with a record number of adult Kaki living in the wild. New Zealand’s Department of Conservation’s Kaki Recovery Program has been working hard to ensure the population of their wading bird increased, and it has now increased to 169.

Unlike birds that fly away for the winter, the Kaki shelters in place, while dealing with freezing temperatures of minus 4 degrees. The Kaki is the only non-migratory bird that breeds in this area.

The group, along with the Global Wildlife Conservation, expanded the housing. This made it possible to double the number of birds able to hatch and house. They also managed to build an updated brooder room and a new aviary for young birds. This allowed the possibility of releasing an extra 60 birds into the wild each year.

New Zealand’s Kaki had to fight for survival

GWC CEO West Sechrest said, “New Zealand’s commitment to turn the tide on the decline and extinction of native species shows their leadership in biodiversity conservation.”

The Kaki was once widespread across New Zealand, but the introduction of non-native predators eliminated nearly the entire population. Moreover, right now, New Zealand’s DOC is taking care of 116 juveniles and 11 older birds. The DOC is working hard to help the Kaki join the ranks of species that have been brought back from the brink of extinction.


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