Stay at home, social distancing, and wearing masks could be the new normal for the time being, if not forever. The vaccine development might take its normal development time. The best possible way to stay safe is to wear a mask and keep the virus away from you. And your beloved family members.

Since it is necessary to open businesses to keep life going, one should not forget to wear a face mask. This is just to avoid any possibility of community spread of the virus. There is a need to highlight the importance of wearing masks.  Celebrities and influencers from all walks of life are coming forward to share their own experience and inspire others to follow the same.

Face Mask: a New Normal

In survival missions, safety comes first and this health crisis is all about being safe so that the chain of spread could be broken. We need to highlight the uselessness of debate surrounding the use and efficacy of wearing masks. Jennifer Aniston posted on her Instagram page that it shouldn’t be a debate.

“I understand masks are inconvenient and uncomfortable,” wrote Aniston adding, “so many lives have been taken by this virus because we aren’t doing enough.”

Emphasizing the loss and effort of businesses, jobs, and exhaustion of front-line workers she wrote further. She said she believes in the basic goodness of people and we can all do this to flatten the curve and keep each other safe.

The Governor of one of the worst affected cities, New York, Andrew Cuomo is doing all possible things to inspire others to wear masks so that the spread could be controlled.

Echoing the same, the main character of “Greys Anatomy,” Patrick Dempsey reiterated his line. “It’s a beautiful day to save lives” to emphasize the importance of wearing masks in the fight against the current health crisis.

Your Action Saves Life

Inconvenience and discomfort in wearing a face mask are real. But a little innovation and creativity could make it a fashion statement. Highlighting the same, Rees Witherspoon shared her gingham face mask-wearing picture on Instagram with an appeal to everyone to do the same to help control the spread.

“Hey Everybody! Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It means you care about other people’s health and safety. Be KIND, wear a mask,” she wrote in her post.

Highlighting the importance of wearing a mask even when not in crowded space, Britney Spears and Sam Ashghari share a beach pic wearing masks.

When asked about relevance, Asghari replied saying, “There will be millions of people seeing these photos! So it’s better to be a good influence.”

“You can cover your mouth, not your personality,” wrote Jama Kramer with a family picture post wearing masks.

Celebrities and influencers are playing their role, but it is you who could do good to others by wearing a mask and encourage others to do so.

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