If you are waiting for the right moment to start doing good, then the act of kindness of 7-year-old Florida boy Adam Saavedra will definitely inspire you to start right now.

The flood of “Black Lives Matter” stories from across America triggered his passion to do something for neglected and underprivileged. Equality is a myth, but one needs to do something so that the socio-economic divide could be filled slowly, if not instantly. It is just a matter of legality and practice, all we need to do is start practicing what we preach.

Love is Perfect

Adam learned the most important lesson of life ‘change starts with each of us’ and started practicing it almost instantly. The moment his mom, Danielle Auns elaborated about recent protests, the Civil Rights Movement, and deep-rooted inequality, he started crying, Danielle wrote on her Facebook page.

“That night he cried about the terrible things Black people have to go through,” she wrote in the post.

“He was devastated that schools in low-income areas don’t receive as much funding as his primarily white school,” she wrote further adding that Adam was in tears and said in a helpless voice, ‘I’m just a little kid. I can’t change the world.’”

But a sense of commitment to do something was visible and by morning the 7-year-old had a plan to raise funds by selling books and donate to the underfunded school. He started working instantly and shortlisted books to start the campaign, the Inspire More report noted.

Selling Books to Help School

Adam and mom did some research and shortlisted Sulphur Springs Elementary, with the majority of students coming from low-income families and from diverse racial demography.

The aim was to raise $50 but seeing the community support pouring in the boy reset the goal to raise $500.

Beyond books, the community members pitched in to donate for the cause. The purity of your act attracts similar vibes. Adam managed to raise more than double the goal. The act of kindness is a great source of joy. The mother said that she won’t ever forget Adam’s big smile.

In Adam’s words, “I can’t believe it! I didn’t think I could change the world but I can!’”.

This goes to show that even a child can make a difference just by doing good for others. Black Lives matter, brown lives matter, white lives matter and everything else inbetween. We all matter, always and doing good for each other is more important than anything. Let’s take this simple lesson from this child and just do good!!


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