The outbreak of the deadly viral infection has disrupted normal life and forced people to think outside the box to adjust for the new normal. Since social-distancing and stay-at-home is the only visible remedy available to stay safe, people worldwide are coming together to recalibrate the way they interact and work.

Two students of Centennial High School in Frisco, Prisha Mehta, and Manogna Jonnalagadda are doing a great act of kindness. They want to make virtual learning simple and accessible for all.

Gather and Share Kindness

It is a fact that the deadly virus doesn’t infect an individual based on his/her identity. Another unfortunate reality is that the prevalent socio-economic divide makes some sections of society more vulnerable than the other. They don’t have access to the required resources.

Visualizing the need of community, these kids launched a campaign titled “Project Kind Packs.” Their idea is to help students in Dallas ISD schools. They want to collect study materials like books, stationery, etc., To make a pack help over 300 teachers and students

“The idea for Project Kind Packs came during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak when students and teachers had to adjust to an entirely new system of virtual learning quickly.” NBC DFW quoted Prisha Mehta as saying.

Encourage, Motivate to Continue Learning

Prisha and Manogna set a goal to raise $3000 and managed to raise around 1/3rd of it. But the larger goal is to spread kindness and motivate students to continue learning remotely with desired safety.

“With our Kind Packs, we want to spread kindness, words of encouragement and motivation,” the report quoted Manogna as saying. She emphasized that the core idea is to help classrooms get the necessary resources and so that students could adapt to a typical learning environment.

Each ‘Project Kind Pack’ costs $10. You can also be part of this kindness movement by donating and encouraging others to do good. As a compassionate society, we simply cannot allow socio-economic divide to come in students’ paths of learning. It is all about education equity, and you can make a massive difference by joining the campaign.

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