The old saying in South Asia which translated means-The well will not go thirsty, but the thirsty will have to go to the well. Today, after the pandemic, the marketing scene is quite different.

Marketing strategies that would have worked before the epidemic may not work today. Billboards, marketing events, sports sponsorship will hardly work today and achieve their objectives. So what is the way out of this predicament faced by business houses? The McKinney Chamber of Commerce is trying to help them do just that.

New Marketing Strategies

McKinney Chamber of Commerce held a virtual meeting on Thursday to discuss the best way to initiate and maintain digital marketing campaigns. The conference will spell out the advantages of joining local business groups.

The event will start at 08.30 a.m. via Zoom. The Zoom call will open 15 minutes earlier to enable guests to network online as well.

The digital marketing presentation will give tips to the business community. It will also elaborate methods to take advantage of current restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The event will introduce McKinney and Collin County communities to several marketing platforms.

Complying With State Regulations

The McKinney Chamber of Commerce and the City of McKinney are offering free facemasks. State and local regulations direct everyone to wear a face mask inside public places, which is an effort to comply with them.

The Chamber of Commerce said, “We are supporting the mandate to wear masks so our businesses can stay open and safely provide services. In recent weeks, Texas has seen a jump in cases. In addition to the increasing health risk to the good people of our community, our small businesses risk of failure increases, and employment jeopardized for our stakeholders with the potential for additional shutdowns.”

Businesses helping each other is a great way to get through this tough time. Being creative is a must if our small businesses are to survive this economic downturn. You, yes you, can be a huge help in keeping them alive by shopping local and supporting your community businesses.


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