VizyPay is helping small business enterprises with their Look Local First Initiative, and helping merchants rebuild during COVID-19. The pandemic has caused a serious disruption of economic activities for many small businesses. With many shops closed during “stay home” orders, consumers have shifted more and more to online options. Unfortunately that has dealt a serious blow to many local enterprises. Small business enterprises do not have the financial muscle like multinational stores to stay directly connected to their consumers.

Pioneering Look Local First movement.

VizyPay is an award-winning payment facilitating company and is also the creators of the Cash Discount Program. It is striving to help local businesses with its Look Local First movement. It provides free digital marketing efforts like sponsored social media ad campaigns and promotional giveaways to attract consumers. Created in 2019, the program has since helped hundreds of local and small business enterprises.

Amy Hayes, VizyPay’s Marketing Director, talked to and stated that if consumers spend their money on goods in locally owned enterprises, 68% of the money will circulate in the local community. If purchased from large corporate chains, this figure falls to 43%. and it becomes 0% if the money is spent online.  `

Great Help For Local Players met Bechman, owner of Five Monkeys Inc. and a Look Local First member. He felt that the association with Look Local First and small enterprises is a synergistic combination. “It is a great thing to have a professional house promoting our business locally.” He added that When Five Monkeys Inc. was featured on the Look Local First social channels, there was a massive surge in social media traffic.

Look Local First is immensely useful for small business enterprises that do not have resources to connect with consumers. Supporting local businesses also leads to a healthier market ecology. Besides helping with social media marketing, VizyPay also sells a diverse range of locally produced merchandise, including stickers, shirts, and more, of which all proceeds get put back into the cause.

VizyPay is a business that is doing good.


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