The human spirit is all about converting challenges into opportunities. Nothing could be higher than this if the opportunity is linked with the charity to help those in need.

All retailers, big or small, face the challenge of coin-shortage. The round-up program, in which consumers make a small contribution when they pay bills, has solved the problem of coin-shortage and has raised billions in recent years. Thankfully, the trend of checkout charity is highly encouraging during the health crisis, according to a Forbes report.

Round-Up Change to Help Needy

Encouraging customers to round up purchases up to the nearest dollar has been initiated to solve the coin shortage crisis. But, this turned out to be a great fundraising initiative through micro-donations to help those in need.
There is no doubt rounding-up solves the coin challenge, saves time and logistical issues. But above all it is creating a positive social impact, Forbes reported.

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores has over 520 stores across 41 states. The company has raised over $31 million, since 1999. It includes $4 million in 2019 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The magazine quoted executive vice president Jenny Love Meyers as saying.

Engage for Doing Good

The company started its ‘Round-Up The Change’ campaign on July 14, instead of the regular August 31 schedule, due to the health crisis. Interestingly, the first weekly round-up donations topped the 2019 figure by a healthy margin, and the magazine reported citing the company report.

It is not just about Love’s initiative, as there are encouraging reports of a big uptick in contributions across all such campaigns.

The findings of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals May survey are very encouraging. A whopping 63% of consumers donated at checkout shows that people are more than willing to share. This is definitely a very encouraging silver lining when socio-economic chaos is the reality of the day.

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