The impact of the ongoing health crisis is beyond physical. The lockdown measures to control the spread of the deadly virus also affect people’s mental health.

The low physical activity and less engagement due to social-distancing resulting in stay-at-home and work-from-home have created a sense of insecurity among people. Mental health experts are of the view that people need mental engagement to stay fit. Randy Battle from Henrico County is doing great work of sharing gardening tricks and tips using a YouTube channel to help people find ways to remain engaged.

Shaping Mental Health via Gardening

Randy, a full-time VCU employee and YouTube star believes in doing things that you love and what brings you peace. The energy-filled gardening videos of Battle, who affectionately calls himself Skinny Boy Randy, are hugely popular.
‘It is not just about gardening tips and tricks, and it is helping viewers’ mental health, 06 News Richmond reported citing Battle.

He is hugely popular among fans. Over 77 million viewers of the channel suggest that people are using gardening for recreational benefits.

“She’s like, you uplift me after a long day of chemo. When I get the messages like that, it keeps me going,” the portal quoted Randy. “It is amazing; it touches my heart,” Randy said, further highlighting how gardening helps people regain mental balance.

Mental Well-being

Some recent studies suggest that anxiety and stress will become more pronounced during the lockdown period.
Highlighting the challenges on mental health front Gayle Harris, the founder of Living Life Matters, told the portal that people suffering from mental health issues should know that there are several ways to emotional and mental well-being.

“Figure out what peace means to them and how to find it in all of these turbulent times with everything going on,” 06 News quoted Harris.

Emphasizing the seriousness of mental health, Randy told the portal, “This is therapeutic for me. So, shout out to those out there struggling. You can do it… Plant a garden, It’ll help.”

Social distancing is a new normal, at least until scientists find some vaccine. So, we all can do good by sharing what we know and help people break regain mental well-being in a stressful time.

Be it gardening, yoga, or anything that creatively engages the mind in a meaningful way could be of great help in improving mental health.

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