As the country continues to face an economic crisis, many are struggling with being able to eat. However, good people have stepped it up in the Bronx and found a way to provide food for those in their community. What better way to bring people together than a pizza.

Good people turn canceled pizza party into feeding those in need.

Aliza Abrams Konig was planning on a pizza party at her synagogue to celebrate the holiday Purim, and the pandemic hit. The community quickly went into lockdown, trying to keep everyone healthy. This resulted in the party being canceled. Despite that, Konig picked up the pizzas and delivered the pizzas to those under lockdown.

According to Insider, the big hearted person went door to door, delivering the pizzas at no charge to the families once a week till their quarantine was over. The “pizza brigade,” led by Konig, managed to feed more than 100 families. They didn’t just deliver pizza, and they also delivered challah, the bread the Jewish community eats every week on Sabbath.

The group expanded its operations and spent a day delivering pizzas to healthcare workers on the front lines at Montefiore Medical Center. Then, they delivered some to a local volunteer ambulance group. Other good Samaritan groups started following suit and delivered pizzas to those on the front lines in Connecticut.

Another group of Samaritans took it upon themselves to help another part of their community. They set up what has become known as the “Friendly Fridge.” This fridge offers food to those who need it. Anyone can come and take what they need while leaving what they can. To keep everyone healthy, they are sanitizing the refrigerator every day, while also restocking it.

It’s great to see a community coming together to help those in need, while also supporting those who are healthy. Have you been a part of something similar? Share your stories and thoughts in the comment section below.


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