The world has been dealing with racism for a very long time. It’s an issue that has plagued communities and doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. Jamaican immigrants Maurice Ellis came to Canada with his wife Caroline and his daughter.

Good Dad club comes together to support a family who has received hateful slurs

Ellis has been working two jobs to support his family, while also paying for his wife’s college tuition. Maurice/Mo joined the Dad Club London to connect more to his community.

Mo found the group through their Facebook group. One of the members, Ryan Blake, highlighted the group’s inclusive group. According to the London Free Press, “[Mo] isn’t the first Black dad in the club. We have members from all races and backgrounds, including gay dads.”

Founder and president, Jeremy McCall, shared a Black Lives Matter message on their Facebook page. Ellis reached out to Jeremy and thanked him for the kind words. He then revealed that he had been a target of racial slurs during his shift at his work. McCall then decided to hold a secret fundraiser to show Ellis and his family that the community supported them.

Dad Club knew they had to do something for the family

The Dad club managed to raise nearly $7,000 from the police union, families, and several businesses. The Dad club arranged a get-together to surprise Mo. When he arrived he was gifted with a prepaid Mastercard to help pay for living expenses, his daughter received a massive LEGO set, and his wife received a check for her tuition.

“What happened to you doesn’t represent this community,” McCall said during the ceremony. “We don’t stand for that. When you said, ‘I guess that’s the way the world is,’ it broke our hearts because it can’t be that way, and we won’t let it . . . We, together, stand as a community against racism.”

It’s always good to see when communities say no to racism and help those who have been victims of racism. Has your community done something similar for others in the community. Share your thoughts and comments in the section below.


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