The post-pandemic world will be a very changed place, and most tech companies are rapidly adapting to the changing environment.  T-Mobile is partnering with tech companies to bring these changes and helping companies adapt to these developments. The telecom giant is helping to bring forth revolutionary ideas to tackle business challenges.

Safety Foremost

Safety has become the keyword for any business operation. T-Mobile has unveiled nationwide 4G LTE connectivity for game-changing safety technologies. They are PIMMAP to check for flu-like symptoms and Guardhat to monitor physical distancing while in public places.

Mike Katz, Executive Vice President of T-Mobile for Business, talked to He said that safety had become the top priority at workplace, travel, or even leisure. It has encouraged T-Mobile to partner with PIMMAP and Guardhat to power some unique solutions. It will also help businesses adapt to new challenges in the post-pandemic world.

The PIMMAP contactless temperature solution comprises an eight-inch high definition tablet. The technology solution checks for elevated body temperature. It is a classic flu-like symptom. The device is installed at the entrance of any workplace or crowded and confined spaces.

Guardhat offers wearable and sensor-driven hard hat solutions. It is related to industrial safety and provides real-time awareness.  The technology has sensors that alert the worker when someone moves within six feet of their location. It is one of the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The technology helps to keep people safe while enabling the person to carry out his day to day activities.

Ideas Born In Adverse Situation

Anthony Kory, President at PIMMAP, told typical situations give birth to innovative ideas. PIMMAP was born due to special needs during the pandemic. It is also useful for all contagious diseases that exhibit flu-like symptoms.

Kaushik Sarkar, Head of Sales at Guardhat, felt that this technology ecosystem enables individuals. Or even machinery to obtain information to make decisions and keep the workplace safe.

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