As the country fights to stay healthy, the clothing company Hanes has stepped it up and is now helping the homeless communities remain healthy and protect them from the spread of germs. Together with a handful of nonprofit organizations, they are donating 1,000,000 face masks.

Hanes doing good helping the homeless stay healthy

Hanes is focusing their good deed on the homeless hotspots like Los Angeles, Miami, and Houston. Homeless support groups like Invisible People will do the distribution. Hanes has also been vocal about the general public wearing masks to protect themselves during this time. According to a Hanes press release, they have donated 7,000 masks in Atlanta to the nonprofits Zaban Paradise Center and the Nicholas House and Covenant House.

Hanes told WSB-TV, “Equipping homeless people with masks allows them to enter essential businesses with mask requirements, like grocery stores, which they would otherwise not be able to access, Mark Horvath, founder of Invisible People. “It’s very hard to contextualize homelessness for those who are lucky enough not to worry about access to bathrooms or basic needs like food and water. The impact is substantial.”

Hanes working hard to make sure the public uses masks

Hanes has been using Instagram and TikTok Campaign, asking consumers to “MaskAround” to help keep others safe. A survey showed 45% say they own masks, but often forget them when they go out.

Hanes are helping the homeless because they know that they have more limited resources to help them stay healthy. Invisible People said the work is essential to make people aware of the importance of having and using face coverings when social distancing cannot be practiced.

It’s good to see companies that the country so often supports help those in need during times of crisis. Share your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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