Empty playgrounds aren’t a good sign for the world. Being healthy and fit wasn’t so important before the pandemic showed up. Unfortunately, social-distancing is making it impossible for youth sports organizations to survive.

Thankfully, LeagueSide- a sports sponsorship platform- brings sponsors and sporting communities together to over 20 million kids at the risk of being sidelined.

Bridging People Together

It is difficult for everyone as all major sporting activities are on hold due to safety reasons. Big sporting bodies might manage to survive, but smaller ones need support to keep the sporting passion ignited.

LeagueSide is playing the role of a strong bridge between sporting communities and sponsors.

Sharing his own youth sports playing days experience and idea behind the platform to enable easy sponsorship, co-founder Evan Brandoff told in an interview that the plan was to solve the issue of fragmentation of youth sports.

It is all about “…making it easier for national companies to sponsor youth sports leagues at scale effectively,” Brandoff said the interview.

The platform has managed to build a network of over 10,000 community sports leagues and sponsors, including Unilever, Comcast, Verizon, McDonald’s, Lyft, and Uber.

Making Sports Sponsorship Easy and Smart

The impact of the deadly virus and social-distancing on LeagueSide, Brandoff told the portal that the platform managed to retain 100% accounts.

“It’s an effective marketing channel and more than half the dollars we make go back to these community sports leagues to lower the costs for kids to play sports,” he said.

All you need to do is upload your sporting community details. Then wait for sponsors to approach you to market their brand. However, one has to fulfill some necessary preconditions.

It is highly effective for sponsors as they have the scale and live dashboard to measure campaign performance.

Kids should be back in the playground as soon as normalcy returns, emphasized Brandoff. He also added that youth sports encourage sponsors to commit to social causes.

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