The minor league baseball team the Dayton Dragons are raising funds with an online 50/50 raffle, funds raised will benefit a local African-American community fund through their Dayton Foundation.

Dayton Dragons baseball team doing good for the African-American community

WHIO reports that the raffle will begin August 3rd and run through August 14th. One fan will end up winning 50 percent of the jackpot. Moreover, half of the net proceeds will equally benefit the COVID-19 Response Fund for Greater Dayton and the African-American Community Fund though the Dayton Foundation. The jackpot will start at $7,500.

Dayton Dragons President, Robert Murphy told WHIO, “Each season, we host 50/50 raffles inside Day Air Ballpark and can support various causes in our community through the Dragons Foundation.”

“This year, we’re excited to try something new with an online sales effort to benefit these funds with the Dayton Foundation that is connecting daily with underserved businesses and communities.”

The 50/50 raffle is only open to those living in Ohio and will support the local community.

Each ticket is one entry into the raffle. Only those living in Ohio can enter. Moreover, the raffle uses geo-tracking when you purchase a ticket to ensure you live within Ohio. The winning ticket is scheduled to be announced on August 19th.  Moreover, raffle tickets are now available: $10 earns you 20 tickets, $20 earns you 80 tickets, and $50 earns you 200 raffle tickets.

The baseball season is usually when the team holds its 50/50 raffle. However, the current health situation forced the team to cancel their season.

It’s good to see those with the ability to help their community in need. While the financial situation has caused problems for the local community, the Dayton Dragons can give back to those in need, while showing their appreciation to their fans.

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