Facebook has opened a new accelerator program to aid e-commerce startups during the pandemic. The scheme will serve as a lifeline for companies that are struggling to move their commerce online. It has become a necessity, especially after the start of the pandemic.

Irish Times reports that Facebook has invited applications for its new accelerator program, seeking to help startups working in the e-commerce segment. It will be a great help for startups. Thirty spots are for startups based in the EMEA region.

Start-ups can apply at facebookacceleratorcommerce.splashthat.com

Niche Companies Given Preference

The focus will be on companies that provide solutions for the availability and affordability of internet access.  Priority will be Companies engaged in AI-powered catalog management and immersive shopping experiences using technologies such as AR.

The program envisages providing training about the social media giant’s approach to products and businesses. It will also offer individual mentorship sessions with Facebook employees. Additionally, startups will get access to a global network of startup peers, successful founders, and industry experts. The course will be available online for over 12 weeks.

Pitfalls Of Commerce

Viktoria Ruubel, director of Platform Partnerships EMEA, Facebook told Irishtimes that COVID 19 had exposed the pitfalls in commercial operations. It has also revealed how vital small businesses and entities are for the world economy. It has motivated Facebook to open applications in the EMEA for the new Commerce Accelerator. Ruubel added that this would be a unique virtual program that will allow for international collaboration with Facebook teams.

Facebook is running the accelerator programs in more than 11 nations. Among the participants include global food-sharing movement Olio UK, retail partners such as Morrisons and Sainsburys.

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to alter how we live our lives; businesses have quickly tweaked their operations according to changing situations. Facebook is ensuring that the changeover is less bumpy.


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