The quest for better and renewable energy sources becomes urgent, and countries can learn from Australia’s Roaring Rooftop Solar Market. Australia is setting up renewable sources of energy ten times faster than the global average, and it is focusing on Roof Top solar energy generation.

Australia is peculiar, and it is this peculiarity which is driving the solar energy industry. Sunlight is abundant in Australia for most of the year. The abundance of single-family homes in Australia has driven its residential solar boom.

A Path To Clean Energy

The world is still grappling with cost issues, while Australia has not only shown the path but also became a shining example of clean energy generation. A RenewEconomy analysis of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) for the year 2019 reveals that Australia’s per-capita deployment rate beats the fast-developing renewable markets such as China, Europe, Japan, and the U.S. It was also four times higher.

Much needs to be done in major developed and developing economies like the U.S., Europe, China, and Japan. Australia produced 40 gigawatts of renewable energy, accounting for 2% of clean energy worldwide as per figures released by IRENA. However, it is growing by 18%, which is far healthier than 6% in America and 9% in Asia.

Darren Miller, CEO of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, told GTM in an interview, “Wind has been a baseline. Even as states have removed feed-in tariffs, solar rooftop installation rates have grown to record levels,”

Extra Fillip From Fed. Govt

A combination of natural resources and smart policymaking has driven the solar energy sector in Australia. The Federal government has also introduced sops such as feed-in tariffs and rebates for solar systems. The rooftop solar market has been supported by rising electricity costs, which coincided with a sustained reduction in residential solar energy prices.

According to a Q1 2020 solar report from the Australian Energy Council, Australia’s rooftop P.V. capacity adds up to 10.7 gigawatts. It is three-fifths of the 17.6-gigawatt U.S. residential solar market. This is noteworthy for a country with less than 8 percent of America’s population.

Australia is showing the way by doing good for the energy sector. They are showing the rest of the world that if you really want to make something happen, you just have to make it happen. Good for Australia!

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    I didn’t realize that getting solar installed can help us get rebates! With that information, I think it would be good for me to call a service tomorrow. It would be nice to have a set monthly payment for the installation instead of a variable payment for the city electricity.

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