Graduation day is a special day for all students, but the health crisis has shattered several dreams this year.  Some schools are mobilizing all possible resources to make it possible for students to live the moment. Rockland High School is one of them.

Social-distancing is an unfortunate reality but necessary. So friends and families gathered at Veterans Memorial Stadium and cheered for masked graduating seniors.

Making Moments Special

Amidst health, economic and social chaos, organizing an event to make students feel great is a daunting task. Students followed social-distancing guidelines and made it a special graduation moment. According to The Enterprise report.

Family members and friends welcomed students at the stadium on August 1.  They also cheered for them while maintaining the health safety protocol. This was an in-person graduation ceremony. Earlier in May, students of the school participated in the graduation car parade through the town.

This was the first-ever August graduation of the Rockland. Teacher Robert Murphy said that the year 2020 is memorable.

“Class of 2020, you have definitely made a memorable mark. We are here to celebrate your completion of a major milestone in your life.” The Enterprise quoted Murphy as saying.

Collective in Fight Against Social Prejudices

The senior class president Mathew Bruzzese paid homage to Black Americans killed by police in the recent past. He stressed on lifelong learning, especially racial injustice.

Highlight the social conflict around privileged, Mathew said.“… The privilege of having an advantage in your life just because of the color of your skin.”

“Systemic racism is something us as a collective whole needs to recognize and take action on”, the portal quoted Mathew.

“We have the power to make the change, and sooner or later, we’re going to be the leaders of the world.” He said further.

Alan Cron, the superintendent, said in his address that through hard work and kindness, students could achieve positive changes.

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