The ongoing health crisis has disrupted normal schooling across the world, and it is unlikely to normalize soon. Thankfully, several great souls are making contributions to help schools and learning centers manage resources in difficult times.

One such act of doing good came to light in North Lincoln County. The Walter R. Behrens Foundation donated $1,700 to Samaritan Early Learning Center to expand the library.

Paying Back to Make Life Better

New hardback and paperback in the library will definitely grab the attention of students developing reading skills and learning to read, the Lincoln City News reported.

The Walter R Behrens Foundation works to enrich education and learning in North Lincoln County. The staff of Samaritan Early Learning Center selected a wide range of colorful books covering fun and exciting topics.
The books were purchased through Bob’s Beach Books of Lincoln City.

To make learning fun and engaging, the learning center keeps books in classroom libraries at the school. Interestingly, students of ages 3 to 5 can earn Reward for Reading Coupons and redeem them at Robert’s Bookshop, Bob’s Beach Books, or book fairs.

Creating Reading Treasure Trove

Since the arrival of digital media, the book reading habit is on the decline. The best possible way to help build a reading habit is to also make reading fun and engaging. Initiatives like this one will definitely help students develop a reading habit and make learning easy.

“It’s fun to share these new books with our students,” the Lincoln City News quoted teacher Melissa Collard.
She prepared the grant request, the report said.

She also applauded the foundation’s contribution and said that the sum would help create a reading treasure trove for our kids.

Samaritan Early Learning Center does a commendable job serving infants, children, and families over the last 30 years.

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