The Cupertino based Digital Giant; APPLE has pledged it will be 100% Carbon Neutral for its Supply Chain and Product Life-cycle by the end of 2030. The plan unveiled last month aims to make every Apple device sold by 2030 will have zero climate impact.

The most valuable company is already Carbon Neutral for its global corporate operations. The latest pledge will be a big step towards reducing carbon signature.

Carbon Neutral By 2030

Talking to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO said that products must be more energy-efficient for a sustainable future. Efforts are on to find new and clean sources of energy around the globe. It is an era of innovative potential, job creation, and steady economic growth. Our effort to become Carbon neutral is a small step that will bring a more significant change.

Apple’s 2020 Environmental Progress Report, released July 21, details the roadmap for achieving Zero climate impact by 2030. It plans to reduce emissions to 75% by 2030. It also plans to bring in carbon removal solutions for the remaining 25%.

New Focus On Rare Earth Recycling

Apple is also recycling rare earth material such as rare earth magnets and tungsten while also enabling recovery of steel. The focus of Apple’s Material Recovery Lab in Austin, Texas, is an innovative electronics recycling technology.

It has shaken hands with Carnegie Mellon University to develop engineering solutions further. Today most Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch devices are made with recycled content, including 100 percent recycled rare earth elements

Goodnewsnetwork reports that Apple reduced its carbon footprint by 4.3 million metric tons in 2019. In the last decade, Apple has reduced the energy needed for its products by 73%. The device making company is looking for better ways to reduce energy consumption at its corporate facilities. It is also aiding its supply chain to make the same transition. For achieving this objective, it is partnering the US-China Green Fund, investing $100 million to accelerate energy efficiency for its suppliers.



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