At times when people across the globe are struggling on health and finance fronts, there is an acute shortage of joy. Thankfully, several people are doing good work of helping others and spreading joy.

One such great soul, disguised as Batman, is prowling streets of Santiago and assisting those in immediate need of food and assistance. People do charity, but he sets an example for others to do good without lust for popularity.

Act of Kindness in Dark City

The iconic character, known for his selfless act of defending the city, symbolizes that this painful period too shall pass. The unknown man, who refuses to reveal the identity, wears a shiny Batman suit and protective gear like a mask. He delivers hot food to homeless people in the Chilean capital, the Reuters reported.

People are appreciating his great act of kindness of providing sustenance and spreading light-hearted joy.

“Look around you, can you give a little time, a little food, and a little space to those who need it. It will give them both hope and power to live,” Reuters quoted the unknown Batman.

Interestingly, he delivers a few dozen packets of warm food regularly since the outbreak of the deadly disease in the country, according to the Reuters report.

Giving Unconditionally

It is pretty natural for humans to seek cognitive gratification in giving back. But, like this Santiago Batman, acts of kindness and keeps identity neutral, then one becomes the best example of humanity.

In response to the Reuter’s identity question, the man said. “The motive behind changing disguise is to unite everyone and inspire people.”

Batman’s best thing is that he cooks the meals himself and then distributes them across the capital city.

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