The Coronavirus Pandemic may have severely affected humankind but is a blessing in disguise for the threatened flora and fauna. There are more than 900 bird species in North America. The hummingbird is one of the most elusive and reclusive birds. Hummingbirds are numerous in other parts of North America, but finding one in Amarillo is exciting.

Newschannel10. Com quotes James Hoskins, a local wildlife biologist who isn’t surprised to see hummingbirds in Amarillo this summer.

The New Winged Visitor

Hoskins is very excited to see the Hummingbird outside his house. He said black-chinned, Rufous, and broadtail hummingbirds in our area are a new thing. It is for the first time in decades, that hummingbirds have been seen in Amarillo.

James further added that contrary to common belief, hummingbirds are regular visitors to Amarillo. Amarillo sits at the fringes of the migratory route of hummingbirds.

Although hummingbirds are more numerous in other parts of the country, we are on the fringes of some migratory routes for a couple of hummingbird species. The dry conditions and the scarcity of wildflowers in bloom will force the Hummingbird to enter residential areas to find flowers and food sources.

A Permanent Feature?

Hoskins further added that to increase your chances of finding hummingbirds; you can take steps to increase your odds of attracting them to your location. Yucca flowers, lantana, most red-colored flowers are the familiar places where the Hummingbird searches for food. Of course, feeders filled with sugar solutions and flowers visited by butterflies and bees will also provide food for hummingbirds.

So this summer, our new winged visitors will add extra joy and bring some relief in these troubled times. Who knows this can become a permanent feature in Amarillo every summer.


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