Organizing and participating in elections in the world’s oldest democracy will be a challenge during a health crisis. The fear of infection is quite valid, so absentee voting is expected to rise significantly.

NWA NAACP is offering help to ensure people could exercise their franchise right smoothly. Visualizing the challenges voters could face in registering to vote and requesting an absentee ballot.

Image via NWA NAACP/Facebook
Image via NWA NAACP/Facebook

Freedom to Choose Fearlessly

Expecting a surge in request for absentee voting, Gov. Asa Hutchinson justified it.  NWA NAACP came forward to help those who need any assistance over the November voting, according to the KNWA report.

NWA NAACP Branch President Monique Jones said, “We need to vote as our lives depend on it.” He stressed the need for higher participation in elections.

“Decisions made on election-day can affect generations to come,” she told the portal. She also said the organization wants to ensure that everyone who wants to vote can vote.
Four voter registration drives are going on. Jones informed adding that challenges are much more than registered.

Overcoming Challenges of Participation

Conducting an election is a challenging task, but the challenge is much more significant this time. Jones told KNWA that county clerks are doing everything possible to put out many absentee ballots in this election. He also expressed concern over the impact of the crisis on the voting pattern.

“If our own local county clerks don’t understand how to allow people ballots so they can vote, then it’s going to be a challenge for the community.” The Fox 24 outlet quoted Jones.

The NAACP organizes awareness events to help vote for voting rights and how to absentee voting formalities.

Highlighting the community’s transient nature in Northwest Arkansas, she told the portal that many people here fail to register or change the address.

Do good this election season and make the effort to get out and vote. Your future and the future of generations to come depends on it.

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