SCORE has over 300 chapters and more than 10,000 volunteers.  It has always helped small businesses and startups. Its relevance is even more critical in the present times when the pandemic is altering the way we do business.

With an intimate knowledge about the difficulties faced by startups, SCORE has helped numerous entrepreneurs find their feet and establish themselves in a cut-throat and competitive market.

The COVID pandemic has led SCORE to establish a Resilience Hub to help small businesses specifically. Resilience Hub helps startups obtain specific COVID resources, discounts, grants, training materials, and industries’ guides. It also includes how to access a network where people can learn from each other.

 Bridget Weston, SCORE Association

Talking on Business Radio Show this week, Bridget Weston, the SCORE Association CEO, said that focus was on being accessible to the startups. To achieve this focus was upon using video technology for connecting with small business owners.

Startups and small businesses were worried about how to get access to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL). Today they are helping others in filling out the PPP Loan Forgiveness application.

Focus on Post Pandemic Scene

SCORE is focusing on how to help businesses survive in the post-pandemic scenario. Bridget believes that after the economic disruption, there is always a period of rapid growth. Bridget believes it is critical to stay “top of mind, so when you are ready to open your business again, and customers are ready to come back, they will think of you.”

As the adage goes,’ The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war,’ SCORE helps startups prepare themselves for a post-pandemic scene. The future looks brighter. What do you think about it? Please give your opinion in the box below.


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