As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, new developments are emerging in the fight against the 21st century’s worst pandemic.  The use of plasma of persons who have recovered from COVID -19 for treating COVID patients is a new development. So there is a need for plasma donors.

The American Red Cross in Massachusetts is appealing to recovered COVID 19 patients to come forward and donate blood plasma. They will be doing a tremendous service, and the act can also save many lives.

The reports that The American Red Cross in Massachusetts appeals to citizens who have recovered from COVID -19 to come forward and donate blood plasma.  It will be a very noble act that can save many fellow citizens who are suffering from COVID-19.

A representative of the American Red Cross Jeff Hall feels that if a person has tested positive and is willing to donate his blood, his services will be beneficial in the fight against the pandemic.

A Noble Deed

Speaking to Western Mass News via Facetime, Hall explained the procedure followed for plasma donation. Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and is 14 days clear of symptoms can opt for donating plasma. They will have to fill a simple online questionnaire at An appointment will be scheduled subsequently for them to donate plasma.

Hall revealed that 14,000 people had stepped forward to donate plasma. Every donation produces two to three units of convalescent plasma. The plasma obtained from 14,000 donors can cure 30,000 people.

Simple Process

People who have recovered from COVID -19 develop antibodies in their body. By donating plasma, they can pass on these antibodies to people fighting the ailment in a hospital. The process is just like blood donation but with a small difference. Here the fluid part of the blood, the plasma, is used—the remaining components of the blood return to the donor’s body.

Hall added that a person could also donate plasma every seven days for up to three months.



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