The country is currently getting stressed out both physically and emotionally because of the current financial and medical situations. However, Google is stepping up and doing good by giving employees an extra day off to relax and avoid burnout as the health crisis enters its seventh month.

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Google doing good helping employees unwind during this time of uncertainty

The extra day was the Friday before Labor Day. It’s a one-time paid holiday for full-time employees and interns.

This created a four-day weekend for Google. CNBC reports that an internal memo for employees strongly encouraged employees to take time off. However, if management called in their employees at the last minute, they should take off the next available working day instead.

The company’s note comes as Google works to find ways to support those working remotely until mid-2021. Some support teams will not be able to take the day off so they can respond to customer needs, but those groups are “exploring something similar,” one internal note read.

Not everyone working for Google receives this extra day off.

The extra day off does not apply to those who are temporary or vendors and contractors. Their actual employer would have to decide for themselves. Google said that the extra holiday is specific to 2020 and the current environment.  

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai gave employees an extra day off earlier this summer, for similar reasons.

Other companies are doing similar actions and helping their employees who are feeling the stress of dealing with the country’s current financial and health crises. Is your company doing something that enables you to be less stressed out by all this chaos around you? It’s good to see business giants like Google take care of their employees when they need support.

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