The unprecedented spread of the deadly virus across the globe redefined the way people work, making work from home a new normal.

There is no visible sign of any solution in the immediate future.  Google and Facebook are extended the tiny leaves until the year-end and beyond. And some players like Twitter and Square are making remote working a new policy with a “forever remote” feature.

Working from home remote work inspirational social media lightbox message board next to laptop and coffee cup for COVID-19 quarantine closure of all businesses.

Remote Working: A New Normal

Big players have leverage and resources, but it is challenging to switch for smaller players. Especially when businesses need human presence to remain operational.

Square distributing shared documents to help employees adjust to remote work, CNBC Make It reported citing a company official. The document includes home school, mental health, and productivity tips.

Employees faced resource challenges to work from home. Google announced $1,000 compensation to help employees buy requisite gears for remote working. Interestingly, companies are moving dollars intended for office use to employee benefits to keep them motivated and aligned. The report said citing the head of the furniture rental company Feather.

“Flexibility is the main part of what we offer customers, and it’s a core value that we apply to our internal employee experience,” CNBC Make it quoted Zach Ragland, Head Feather, as saying.

Child Care Top Priority

Money support matters, but the challenge is to be productive at home with kids, especially when childcare is a top priority. PepsiCo also organized free virtual summer camps to help parents manage better.

“It’s helped have something to point their attention toward throughout the summer.” The portal quoted Emily Kiely, a mom of four, Frisco employee in Texas, as saying.

Since schools and colleges are getting ready for opening, parents are in the crosshairs regarding safety. The mode of teaching, safety protocols, and social-distancing guidelines are at the top of the concern list.

Parents can avail of paid leave benefits under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) or the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

It is time for employers to be flexible and adaptive in offering options to working parents so that they could remain free of childcare worries.

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